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Meet Our New General Manager, Reuben Dickenson

Reuben Dickenson, DXE's New GM

After 17 years at the helm of DXE, former Founder and General Manager, Matt Spencer, has elected to pursue new opportunities and spend more time with his family. This month, we welcome Reuben Dickenson as DXE Medical’s new General Manager. Get to know Reuben and what he’s bringing to the table as the new leader of DXE!

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Matt Spencer, DXE Founder, Says Farewell


I started this company with my brand new wife in a small apartment in 1999. Since then, we have seen numerous milestones, and weathered many storms. There are many people to thank for making DXE what it is today. I will attempt to recognize all that deserve this thanks, but forgive me if I fall short.

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DXE Medical PMA Series – Part 4: Consequences of Non-PMA Devices


FDA’s new stringent evaluation standards are set to improve dependability of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

What are the penalties of using non-Pre-Market Approved devices?

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